Hybrid dye is a highly pigmented colour designed to be safe for lashes and brows. Hybrid is more like hair dye penetrating the cuticles on the hair shaft, rather than fading over time the colours grows out with the hair with minor to moderate fading. It is a gel like consistency similar to regular tints with a stain like henna. It lasts up to 7 days on the skin and 7 weeks on the hair if skin is prepped properly and aftercare followed. Hybrid dye is ammonia free which guarantees a gentle hair colouring approach.

Bronsun dyes(recommended) comes in 8 colours which can all be mixed with each other for a customisable brow colour:

  • Level 1 deep black
  • Level 2 graphite
  • Level 3 blue black
  • Level 4 chestnut
  • Level 4.1 red chestnut
  • Level 5 light brown
  • Level 6 brown
  • Level 7 dark brown

To perform a successful hybrid dye procedure there are two main components to consider: Basic colour theory and application. Using Bronsun it is important to have a basic understanding of colour theory. Understanding how colours interact with each other as well as undertones in clients hair and skin you will be able to choose colours that compliment your client perfectly. Correct application of Bronsun dye will ensure even and well-developed results.
You will need a thin even coat through the brow, use a very fine flat or angled brow brush to apply the solution. Bronsun relies on the entire solution being exposed to oxygen to develop and to create a nice and even stain on the skin. If you apply the dye unevenly or too thick it will create a dark boarder of the brow where the solution is thinnest. It was also make they dye develop too cool or too warm on the skin.

Do’s and Don’ts

Correct mixing ratios, always 1:1 equal parts developer to dye Mixing in a ceramic or glass dish

Thoroughly mixing together until both mediums are binded Let the solution sit for 2 minutes

First layer


Second Layer

Removed (7 mins)

Examples :

Poor mapping, Incorrect prep, Thick and uneven application, Short processing times

Correct mapping, Correct prep, Thin application x2, Suitable processing times