Brow Styling

Brow styling refers to how the brows are finished at the end of each treatment. Styling the brows following every brow service will enhance your client results and experience.
The brows can be styled in many ways using cosmetic products that contain pigment such as pencils, powders, gels and pomades. More recently brow soaps are being widely used, these offer an instant setting strong hold styling solution. Brow soaps create a full and fluffy brow, hairs can be repositioned into a more suitable style for clients. It can also provide a ‘laminated’ brow look.

Using styling products at the end of each treatment also allows you to retail products to your clients to increase your profit margins. Finding a brow cosmetic brand to stock in salon is highly recommend.


Providing your clients with detailed aftercare instructions both verbally and written ensures there are no adverse results post treatment. Printing aftercare instructions or sending an email/text with the details listed.

Aftercare instructions:

o Avoid wetting the brows for 24-48 hours post treatment
o Avoid brow products 24-48 hours post treatment
o Brush the brows into position every morning and night (brow lamination)
o To prolong the skin stain avoid cleansing or exfoliating the brows (hybrid)
o Apply a brow oil or balm daily to hydrate the brow hairs and keep them nourished