What is a contraindication?

A contraindication refers to a symptom or a condition that prevents someone from having a particular treatment. Performing a contraindicated treatment on a client with a particular condition could be dangerous, unsafe and lead to undesirable results. Insurances can also become void when performing treatments on certain clients.

Contraindications to waxing/lamination/tinting/hybrid:

o Roaccutane
o Prescription vit a
o Regular use of a strong retinol
o Recent chemicals peels/laser/skin needling on the area 
o Hair removal creams (waxing, lamination)
o Active dermatitis or psoriasis
o Open wounds
o Fresh sunburn
o Haemophillia
o Recent scars

Adverse effects/reactions management

An adverse effect, otherwise known as a contra-action is a reaction or unwanted response following the treatment.

Normal post treatment responses:

o Skin tingling
o Redness (erythema) 
o Warmth sensation

Abnormal post treatment responses (reaction)

o Excessive redness
o Extreme sensitivity or irritation o Hives
o Burnt or grazed skin
o Blisters
o Itching

Reactions management

Any allergic reaction will present itself within 24-48 hours post treatment, if a client presented with any of the above indications following a reaction management procedure is key.

How to manage a reaction?

Firstly if the client isn’t in your presence when she contacts you about a potential reaction its important to ask for photos and ask the following questions so you can make the right recommendations

o Describe what you are feeling in the treatment area 
o Is the skin inflamed and irritated?
o Are there bumps and itchiness?
o Is there swelling or stinging?

o When did you notice this to occur?
o What have you applied to the treatment area?
o Is there anything in particular that is irritating the area?

Steps to manage the reaction

o Take an antihistamine is there is itching, swelling, redness, hives
o Cold compress (wet cloth or paper towel held over the area to draw out heat) 
o Apply a soothing or healing lotion/balm
o If you have LED available apply a red light to reduce inflammation
o Follow up daily with your client as to any changes
o Write detailed notes on their file about reaction and avoid performing the same treatment again
o Record photos on client’s file