Client consultation

The client before starting any procedure must fill in a detailed consent form, the information on this form should be read over by the artist prior to treatment to confirm the client is a suitable candidate and doesn’t exhibit any contraindications. The completed form needs to be kept on file permanently for insurance purposes. A consultation can be performed at a separate appointment if requested by the client however one should be completed the beginning of the initial appointment to discuss the clients desired look, brow history, treatment outcomes and expectations.

Client consultation procedure

  1. Once your client has filled in the consent form briefly discuss any points of concern if any
  2. Advise your client of the contraindications
  3. Explainpreandposttreatmentcareindetailandensureyourclientcompletely understands, always explain the aftercare to your client indetailed or provide your client with an aftercare card or text
  4. Explain the brow treatments available
  5. Some important questions to ask your client are:
    – Do you fill your brows in and if so, what product do you use?
    – Have you had your brows tinted or laminated?
    – Have you had hybrid on henna?
    – Have you had any adverse reactions or bad experiences?
    – Are there any looks or styles you prefer?
    – What do you dislike about your brows and what would you like to ideally change or enhance?
  6. Make a recommendation on which style or method would best suit the client
  7. Briefly explain the selected brow procedure so your client understands the treatment you will be performing
  8. Explain in detail the aftercare instructions
  9. Ask your client if they have any questions for you
  10. Map the clients’ brows and show them the shape