Skin Fundamentals- Skin Science 3 Day Course

Duration: 3 days

Group workshop 


Before learning about cosmetic treatments, skin care and their chemistry, this course establishes the fundamentals of skin science needed in order to be a successful and confident therapist.

Course Inclusions

By the end of this course, you will have the ability to conduct a skin analysis and have a good, basic understanding of:

• Identify the basics of the skin’s structures, cells and layers
• Identify and describe the basic anatomy of the skin
• Understand the different cells and their roles within the skin
• Understand the various components to the skin’s barrier and the specific roles of each part.
• Identify the anatomy of normal skin and abnormal skin

Course Overview

This course has been designed for anyone within the beauty and aesthetic industry
who want to:
• Learn or review their current knowledge of skin science
• Understand on a deeper level the anatomy of the skin and its various cells, structures and functions
• Understand the skin’s delivery pathways
• Introduction to Identifying skin conditions

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