Foundation of Facials- 1 Day Course

Duration: 1 Day 

Group Workshop: $999

Before learning about advanced cosmetic treatments, this course establishes the fundamentals of performing facials and the various components and skills needed to be a successful and confident therapist in treating skin in both a clinical and relaxing approach.

Course Inclusions

By the end of this course, you will have the ability to conduct a skin analysis and have a good, basic understanding of:

Theory Component

• Learn or review your current knowledge of skin science
• Have an effective understanding of the anatomy of the skin and its various cells, structures and functions
• Understand the various components of the skin’s barrier and the specific roles of the each part
• Understand the skin’s delivery pathways
• Introduction to identifying skin conditions
• Identify contraindications and know how to approach a contraindicated client. 
• Provide a skin consultation and record the appropriate information needed for treatments and insurances

Practical Component

• Learn how to deal with unexpected outcomes
• Understand different tools that can be used during facial treatments
• Identify the anatomy of normal skin and abnormal skin
• Perform facials in both a clinical and relaxation approach
• Safely perform extractions with correct hygiene control
• Understand basic skin care and ingredient relevant to certain skin conditions

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