Brow lamination creates the look of full, fluffy brows by realigning the directional hair growth & enhancing the brow shape. This treatment isn’t ideal for all candidates however it can successfully re-design a thin or straight brow and can create a well-defined and well-placed arch to enhance the look of the overall brow style.

The brow lamination solution works in two steps by opening the cuticle along the hair shaft (relaxing the disulphide bonds- these strong bonds are proteins on the hair shaft that give our hair its shape), in turn relaxing the directional of hair growth and any curls or inconsistencies in the hair itself. The second solution then closes the cuticle- this solution is applied after removing the first and following the styling of the brow hair. The brow must be brushed into your desired position which will then allow the second solution to set the brow in place. Once the lamination has been completed the brow is to be tinted and waxed (waxing can also be performed first if done very carefully). A nourishing balm or oil must be applied following a lamination treatment as hairs can be left compromised and dehydrated.