Hybrid dye is a highly pigmented colour designed to be safe for lashes and brows. Unlike regular tints, hybrid is more like hair dye. It penetrates the cuticles on the hair shaft and, rather than fading over time is grows out of the hair with minor to moderate fading. Hybrid dye is a gel-like consistency similar to regular tints with a stain like henna, lasting up to 7 days on the skin with the correct pre-treatment skin preparation and 7 weeks on the hair. Hybrid dye is ammonia free which guarantees a gentle hair colouring approach.

Bronsun dyes(recommended) comes in 7 colours which can all be mixed with each other to create a custom colour best suited to your client.

Level 1 deep black

Level 2 graphite
Level 3 blue black

Level 4 chestnut
Level 4.1 red chestnut

Level 5 light brown

Level 6 brown

Level 7 dark brown

To perform a successful hybrid dye procedure there are two main components to consider to ensure a perfectly even and well developed result; basic colour theory and application. Using Bronsun it is important to have a basic understanding of colour theory, understanding how colours interact with each other and the client undertones in their hair and skin will allow you to select and mix pigments together that will compliment your client perfectly.

Correct application of Bronsun dye is integral in ensuring even and well-developed results. Unlike regular tint Bronsun permits a thin, even coat through the brow. The easiest way to achieve this is by using a very fine flat or angled brow brush to apply to solution. Bronsun relies on the entire solution being exposed to oxygen to develop and to create a nice and even stain on the skin. Applying Bronsun too thick and unevenly will mean the outside of the brow where the solution is thinnest will dry first leaving the centre to remain wet creating a dark ring around the brow. It can also cause discolouring of the stain to be too cool or warm on the skin.